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Newsletter 2016-17

Featured Articles

Students observe data gathered from a distant telescope

Remote Control of a Giant Telescope? Yeah, That’s Cool

Students learn by viewing a black hole using a telescope at the Lick Observatory outside of San Jose. The twist? They're settled comfortably 200 miles away on the Cal Poly campus, controlling instruments on the telescope remotely.

CERN spherical building at night

Students Build Detector for CERN Upgrade

Cal Poly students are building a particle detector that they will then install in the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator.

Learn more about the detector ›

Students assemble a multi-pronged antenna outdoors

Cal Poly Goes South, Way South

Professor Stephanie Wissel and her team of student researchers contributed to an Antarctic neutrino search in December.

Read about the preparation for the experiment ›


More News

Letter from the Chair

Robert Echols

Bob Echols reviews the year and looks ahead to what’s next for the Physics Department in 2016-17.

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NSF Grant Will Aid Search for Blazars, Dark Matter

VERITAS telescope array in the desert

Professor Jodi Christiansen and a team of students will work on improving gamma ray detection at the Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System (VERITAS) in southern Arizona thanks to almost $160,000 from the National Science Foundation. The improvements will help scientists observe blazars and dark matter.

Read more about Christiansen's search ›


Cal Poly Connected to Gravitational Waves Announcement

Star explosion gravitational wave simulation color map

LIGO and the National Science Foundation displayed one of Professor Steve Drasco’s computer simulations at the press conference for the discovery of gravitational waves.

Read more about Cal Poly and gravitational waves ›


Faculty Updates

Student-faculty research projects spanned the globe and the world of physics. From fractal black holes on strings to insulated solar electric cooking, Cal Poly  contributed to what we know about the universe.

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New Faculty

Louise Edwards

The Physics Department welcomed three new faculty members this fall, including Louise Edwards, pictured at left. They bring expertise in solid state energy conversion, brightest cluster galaxies, and physics education.

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Thank You to Our Generous Donors

Thank you to all the individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations who donated to the Physics Department. Private support enables our department to continue to provide exceptional Learn by Doing opportunities for today’s students.

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