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New Faculty 2016-17

The Physics Department welcomed three new faculty members this fall. They bring expertise in solid state energy conversion, brightest cluster galaxies, and physics education.

Matt Beekman

Matt Beekman

B.S., Physics and Mathematics (2003), M.S., Physics (2006), and Ph.D., Applied Physics (2009), University of South Florida. 

Postdoctoral research: University of Oregon, 2009-11

Assistant Professor of Physics, Oregon Institute of Technology, 2011-16

Research interests: science and technology of advanced materials, including new materials for solid state energy conversion; novel solid state synthetic routes.

Louise EdwardsLouise Edwards

B.Sc., Physics and Astronomy, University of Victoria, Canada, 2001; M.Sc., Astronomy, Saint Mary’s University, Canada, 2003; Ph.D., Physics, Universite Laval December, Canada, 2007 Postdoctoral research: Trent University, Canada, 2008; Cal Tech, 2008-11

Assistant Professor, Mount Allison University, Canada, 2011-12; Adjunct Professor, Saint Mary’s University, 2011-14, Lecturer and Research Scientist, Yale University, 2012-16

Research interests: formation and evolution of brightest cluster galaxies; galaxies in cluster cores and in filaments

Stamatis VokosStamatis Vokos

B.Sc., Theoretical Physics, University of Kent, UK, 1984; M.A. (1985) and Ph.D. (1990), Physics, UC Berkeley. 

Postdoctoral research: Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, 1986-90; Argonne National Lab, 1990-92, University of Washington, 1992-97

Assistant Professor, University of Washington, 1997-2002; Seattle Pacific University, 2002-16

Research interests: how students learn physics; what aspects of learning systems enhance student learning

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