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Newsletter 2017

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Students observe data gathered from a distant telescope

Student-Faculty Research: from Nanotubes to Black Holes

Along with their faculty mentors, students in the department have been exploring the universe as only physicists can. How do galaxies form? Are there neutrinos in the Antarctic ice? And don’t forget about time travel.

CERN spherical building at night

Letter from the Department Chair

Bob Echols introduces the new faces in the department and takes a look at the numbers from the previous year.

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Students in clean room suit cleaning equipment

Once Every Thousand Trillion Universes

Why is the universe full of matter instead of antimatter? Is the neutrino its own anti-particle? The CUORE experiment is now online and starting to answer these questions.

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Thank You to Our Generous Donors

Thank you to all the individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations who donated to the Physics Department. Private support enables our department to continue to provide exceptional Learn by Doing opportunities for today’s students.

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Longtime Staff Members Arndt and Huston Retire

David Arndt

Staff members David Arndt, pictured at left, and Shirley Huston both retired this year. Their contributions and dedication to the department helped countless students and faculty members over the years.

Read more about their contributions and future plans ›


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