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Isinsu Baylam Toker

Isinsu Baylam Toker 

Assistant Professor

Office: 180-618
Phone: 805-756-6441


  •  PhD, Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey, 2017
  •  MS, Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey, 2012
  •  BS, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey, 2010

Research Interests

  • Design and development of lasers
  • Applications of lasers
  • Near- and mid-infrared femtosecond solid-state lasers
  • Pump-probe spectroscopy
  • Optical properties of materials and materials characterization techniques
  • Laser-based material processing


Dr. Isinsu Baylam Toker worked as a lecturer at Cal Poly Materials Engineering Department (2022-2023) before starting as an assistant professor at Cal Poly Physics Department in 2023. After completing her PhD, she also worked as a researcher at Koc University Surface Science and Technology Center, Istanbul Turkey.

During her studies, she has been involved in different interdisciplinary projects and collaborations as principal investigator, researcher, and advisor. The projects and collaborations included the design and development of femtosecond and continuous-wave solid-state lasers, biomedical applications of lasers, laser-based micromachining, and optical characterization of different materials such as graphene, supercapacitors, carbon nanotubes, quantum dots, and semiconductor thin films.

Dr. Isinsu Baylam Toker is one of the 2019 OPTICA (formerly, The Optical Society) Ambassadors and 2022 OPTICA Senior Members. She is also a member of The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings Alumni, SPIE, and AAAS.

As an Ambassador and Senior Member of OPTICA, she has been serving for the selection processes of different awards and scholarships, mentoring students, performing international science outreach activities, and delivering lectures to international student groups from all around the world.

Details of her research and her publications can be found at Google Scholar, under Isinsu Baylam. ORCID profile: 0000-0003-2327-9035.

Dr. Isinsu Baylam Toker is currently at the process of establishing Cal Poly Laser Science Laboratory (Cal Poly LSL). She is open for university and industry collaborations which connect laser-based technologies with different research fields.

Please feel free to contact me ( or come by my office (180-618) if you would like to learn more about my research and teaching interests.



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