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Ashraf Elbarbary

Ashraf Elbarbary

Ashraf Elbarbary


Office: 180-111
Phone: 805.756.0782


  • • Ph.D., Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt, 2010
  • • M.Sc., Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt, 2002
  • • B.Sc., Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt, 1996

Research Interests

  • Damping the mechanical vibrations using electric and magnetic fields
  • Electromagnetic waves
  • Seawater desalination
  • Renewable energies
  • Mechanical design


Dr. Ashraf Elbarbary has bachelor's and master's degrees in Aerospace Engineering and a PhD in Mechanical Design Engineering. His PhD was focused on using the electric and magnetic fields to control the mechanical vibrations of high-speed rotating equipment. Dr. Elbarbary joined Cal Poly in July 2018 as a visiting scholar. At Cal Poly, he taught a wide range of classes in different departments including ME, EE, CE, ENVE, and PHYS. Dr. Elbarbary has worked on research projects in the following areas: A) propulsion systems for satellites, B) seawater desalination, C) design of recycling machines for nonhazardous waste, D) design of electromagnetic actuators for camless engines, and E) damping noise of mechanical vibrations by using viscoelastic materials and magnetic field. He has worked in industry at the Aircrafts Factory in Egypt and at Madrid- Barajas Airport in Spain.



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