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Physics Department

Location: 180-204
Phone: (805) 619-5106
Fax: (805) 756-2435
Chair: Karl Saunders

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Quarterly Forms and Important Information

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Course Coordinators

To sign up as a Course Coordinator, select this link

Upper Division Teaching Assignments

To register your Upper Division Teaching preferences, select this link

Lower Division Teaching Interest

To register your Lower Division Teaching preferences, select this link


Enter Assigned/Release Time or Preferences

Please visit

How to book rooms

How to check availability of any room on campus

Visit and click Check Location Availability.

University Rooms

The easiest way to reserve a university room for study sessions, review sessions, additional class sessions or other academic uses is to fill out the Event Request Form. Please submit a minimum of three working days in advance.

Physics Controlled Rooms - NO ROOMS MAY BE BOOKED AT THIS TIME

Please submit a minimum of three working days in advance. If you are holding a large event that will use our rooms and/or university rooms, please go through the University Event Request Form and they will contact our office.

Week 1 - Week 10 (or any holiday times)

  1. Fill out the Physics Room Request Form.
  2. The appropriate technician will approve or deny the request. 
  3. The Administrative Support Assistant will send a confirmation email to notify you of your room reservation.

Finals Week

  1. Visit OneDrive > physfac > 1 Finals Schedule > LAB USE FINALS WEEK or click here.
  2. Find the room and time you would like. Then add your course and section number to the spreadsheet as well as what you are using the room for (i.e. review session). This reserves the room. Please do not erase any entries currently on the spreadsheet.

Physics Conference Room

  1. Create an event on your Office 365 calendar.
  2. Add 180-207 Physics Conference Room ( as an attendee (people) to your meeting.
  3. A request will then be sent to the Administrative Support Assistant who will approve or deny depending on the availability of the room.
  4. You will receive a confirmation stating Cal Poly Physics has accepted (or denied) this event.











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