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Astronomy Minor

The Astronomy Minor provides students an opportunity to learn about and analyze astronomical phenomena and processes.  The Minor explores our current scientific understanding of the solar system, stars, galaxies, and cosmology.  In addition, the Minor enhances familiarity and skills in observational astronomy, including telescope data collection, analysis, and interpretation. A Minor in Astronomy provides a background for graduate-level studies in astronomy or work in related fields. Interested students should see an Astronomy Minor Advisor.

Astronomy Minor Advisors:

Name Phone email Office
Vardha N. Bennert 805-756-7317


David Mitchell 805-756-5290 180-614

For details regarding the requirements for the Astronomy Minor, please go to the Cal Poly Catalog.  For information about when courses are offered, please check our Term Typically Offered sheet.

Application for the Astronomy Minor

If you are interested in pursuing the astronomy minor, please keep in mind that most astronomy classes are only offered one quarter per year and some astronomy classes are only offered three out of four years. The astronomy minor advisors can help you in the planning.

Please fill in the minor application form; - click here to download the form - or pick it up in the Physics Department office. To help you with the planning, we recommend filling in the form as soon as possible. Turn in this form to one of the astronomy minor advisors for approval. Once it has been signed by the astronomy minor advisor, it also needs to be signed by the Physics Department chair (Building 180, Room 204). You can then take the form to the Office of the Registrar (Building 1, Room 222). You may also download the Astronomy Minor flyer here.

While you do not need to apply for an astronomy minor or declare it before taking any astronomy classes, we recommend that you complete this process as soon as possible and at the very latest a month before you are planning to graduate.
Please note that the Astronomy minor is not "degree applicable", so declaring it does not help with registration times.

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