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Physics Department

Location: 180-204
Phone: (805) 619-5106
Fax: (805) 756-2435
Chair: Karl Saunders

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Resources for Current Physics Students

Academic Advising

Courses at Cal Poly

  • For Physics catalog course descriptions, flowcharts, and course offerings, click here.

Courses at other community colleges/universities

  • See which courses will transfer between Cal Poly and California community colleges, other CSU and UC campuses at ASSIST:   
  • Find on-line courses at California colleges and Universities here:

Academic Probation/Disqualification

Thinking about Changing your Major?

Senior Project Information

Clubs and Social Life

  • Physics Majors: 

    The Cal Poly Physics Department has approximately 150 majors. During the academic year, most of them can be found studying, emailing, socializing (or sleeping) in their dedicated student room known as "h-bar," (180-639).
  • Society of Physics Students (SPS):

    There is an active SPS chapter on campus. Information about their activities can be found on their Facebook page.
  • Sigma Pi Sigma (National Physics Honors Society) membership information

  • Cal Poly Women in Physics (CPWiP): 

    Cal Poly Women in Physics (CPWiP) is a student club affiliated with ASI and the Cal Poly Physics Department.  The club was started in 2009 with the goal of providing support for female physics majors, who represent less than 15 percent of all students in the department. Social events, professional development, conference attendance, and research opportunities are promoted by the club for the benefit of all physics majors, regardless of gender. Visit the club website and Facebook page for more information. Please let us know how we can help, and we hope to see you at our next event! The faculty sponsor of Cal Poly Women in Physics is Dr. Jennifer Klay. For more information, contact us at
  • Cal Poly Astronomy Club:

    The Cal Poly Astronomy Club is a student-run organization that meets, socializes, and observes things astronomical using the telescopes in the Cal Poly Observatory. Click here to see the Astronomy Club's Facebook page, and click here to see the Observatory's Facebook page. Feel free to contact Dr. David Mitchell with any questions.

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Going to Graduate School

Research Opportunities

Resources for Future High School Teachers

  • Curricular Resources:

    The Physics Front is a web-based area for teachers of Conceptual, AP and Algebra-based physics as well as teachers of Physics First and Physical Science. The purpose of this resource is to enrich the high school physics experience.

Employment and Careers

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